Rich-point allocation for Audi Sport Italia's first participation in Euro V8 Series in Monza

As in the past, even now we did not expect that our Audi RS5 Quattro could pursue the long-time rival AMG Mercedes in fight for victory or for the podium.

 Kostka spent plenty of time behind one of his rivals in the first race and he finally missed a podium by less than a half of a second. In the second hard-fought race, where the order of the first eight drivers was reversed, he showed a balanced performance between drivers, who better enjoy ultra fast track in Monza.

Before the last two circuits Kostka had to slow down significantly and he tried to finish the race with a technical failure of the front driveshaft. This time he won 4thplace.Despite all of the problems in the first weekend, Audi Sport Italia can be satisfied. Thanks to two fourth places is Tomas on the running third place of the championship. Our next competitive weekend and its technical track will suit better to our Audi RS5 so that is the reason why we are fully concentrating now on the second race of Euro V8 Series.









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Logo LINTECH rev11 verze11